Visual Studio - dump data during a debug session

Depending on a scenario simply paste the code below into the Immediate Window

If you happen to use Newtonsoft.Json:

System.IO.File.WriteAllText(@"c:\temp\debug_dump.json", Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.SerializeObject(obj))

No json serializer? Try xml serializer then:

(new System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializer(obj.GetType())).Serialize(new System.IO.StreamWriter(@"c:\temp\debug_dump.xml"), obj)

Obviously the above will throw if an object is not serializable

IIS ftp timed out

ftp: Can't connect to `x.x.x.x': Operation timed out

sc sidtype ftpsvc unrestricted
net stop ftpsvc & net start ftpsvc

Postgres - logical replication

Master DB:

1. Create a publication


2. Create a replication user

create role replication_user with login password 'some-pass' replication; 
--GRANT whatever permissions are required
grant usage on schema some_schema to replication_user;
grant select on all tables in schema some_schema to replication_user;

Note: with logical replication, user does not seem to have to have the replication rights; this is required with std streaming replication

3. Modify the postgresql.conf to allow connections to the machine via its ip

listen_addresses = 'localhost,server_ip'

and set up a proper WAL lvl

wal_level = logical			# minimal, replica, or logical

4. Modify pg_hba.conf to allow connections from specified slaves

host    all     replication_user         slave_ip/0                 md5

5. Dump db structure

pg_dump.exe --host localhost --port 5432 --username "some-user-name" --no-password  --format plain --schema-only --verbose --file "C:\temp\db_schema.sql" --schema "schema-name" "db-name"

6. Review publication and replication slots (when a subscription is created)

select * from pg_publication;
select * from pg_replication_slots; --when subscription is created

7. Check replication status

select * from pg_publication;
select * from pg_stat_replication;

Replica DB:

1. recreate db structure - this is required in order to make the subscription work

createdb --host localhost --port 5432 --username user-name  db-name
psql --host localhost --port 5432 --username user-name -w --dbname db-name --command "create extension if not exists postgis"
psql --host localhost --port 5434 --username postgres -w --dbname db-name --file "c:\temp\db_schema.sql"

Note: installing postgis is not required of course

2. Create a subscription

create subscription my_sub 
connection 'host=master-ip dbname=db-to-replicate user=replication_user password=some-password port=5432' 
publication alltables;

3. Review subscription

select * from pg_subscription;

4. Check replication status

select * from pg_stat_subscription;

More info here:

IIS disable greedy cache on symlinks

a shortcut to:

same behavior with IIS 8 on win 10. problems manifest when sharing some maphive js libs between projects via symlinks (mklink j/d/)

basically disabling cache on the site or IIS lvl does not seem to help with symlinks.

adding an entry to registry does the trick though:


psql client encoding

psql ERROR: character with byte sequence in encoding "WIN1252" has no equivalent in encoding "UTF8"