GDAL - assign a projection to a tif

per file:

gdalwarp -t_srs "EPSG:4326" input.tif output.tif

and a batch:

@echo off
mkdir processed
for %%F in (*.tif) do (
	echo processing %%F
	gdalwarp -t_srs "EPSG:4326" %%F processed\%%F

GIS rocks...

Just digged out some data examples i worked with at the museum of zoology long time ago...

A simple visualisation of a 3d scanner data dumped to a an xyz txt file.

Spatial index in postgis

--create geom index
CREATE INDEX mytable_geom_gist
  ON public.mytable
  USING GIST (geometry);

--vacuum analyze
VACUUM ANALYZE public.mytable;


Just a couple of videos featuring our new geoCMS platform released a couple of months ago. This is a web GIS based application designed to easily create, manage and publish spatial data.

Currently there are three modules available: geooportal, geoCMS and a mobile application. The first two work together as a spatial data publishing tool. One can create and manage vector layers, layer groups and maps along with the tools that are available for each map. The standard WMS or XYZ raster data sources can also be easily consumed by the geoportal.

The mobile application is used for outdoor data collection - it is also a map centric app that drastically improves the efficiency of the outdoor data collection and managment process.

All modules exchange data in real time. When there is no Internet access, the mobile device stores the data localy and then synchronises it with the database as needed.

A live example may be found here: This is an application powered by our platform - this particular one focuses on hGIS, old maps and such.

Another example: This one focusing on collecting data from geoportal users.

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