A first post or a post without an interesting title...

It's been already quite a while since we decided to launch a blog so it's the high time to publish a first post ;-)

A 'knowledge base' in a form of a web blog appeared to us as a good idea and it was the main reason behind creating yet another blog. This site will be a common place where we describe the projects we work or worked on, some problems we have encountered and the way they were solved. Of course some of them were and will be simple, some more sophisticated, but in general they would appear to be struggling enough to be worth remembering - not always obvious solutions are so obvious after a day of work you know...

The site will also contain a portfolio section where one will find some examples of the projects we take part in. One will find here some decent examples of cartographic design, web mapping solutions and such. We will do our best to share live examples whenever possible, although in some cases (due to licensing restrictions for example) video clips will be published instead.

And cartoninjas... The inspiration came after watching a cinema version of a Japanese series called Zatoichi. Ninja's samersault walk is what it was exactly ;-) There couldn't be a better way of getting to a desired place quickly, could there?
We're skilled in the geo-spatial technologies and often work on interesting projects, not to mention dirty jobs we are quite often contracted to do. Hence the logical connection - cartoninjas. We walk rather normally though and tend to keep stuff as simple as possible.

Over the next few weeks this site will be undergoing some changes - graphical appearance will be one amongst many. We will also be gathering some more stuff to fill in the portfolio section and alike.

Ok, sit comfortably and relax, cartoninjas are swinging into action ;-)


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