Installing Apache Tomcat as a service on Windows

Note: This post is a little excerpt from our GeoServer training.

In order to get Apache Tomcat up and running as a service on windows just do the following:

  1. Get an installation pack (x86, or x64) - v 8.0.12 at the time of writing
  2. Extract it to your hd
  3. Launch cmd in admin mode and navigate to the path the ApacheTomcat files were extracted
  4. In order to install the service run the following command (If all went ok, you should see "Service 'ServiceName' has been installed"):
  5. service.bat install ServiceName
    • If you made any mistakes you can get rid of the service with the following command:
    sc delete ServiceName
  6. Once the service has been installed, in order to set it up using the built in ui, open up the ApacheTomcat folder, find the tomcat8w.exe, and then change its name to ServiceNamew.exe (mind the 'w' char at the end):
  7. Run the Tomcat configurator and configure it:

At this stage Apache Tomcat service should be ready to be launched

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